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Keeping you aligned

Keeping your vehicle in proper alignment is very important. When aligned correctly, the wheels travel together in a straight line, resulting in better handling, better fuel economy, and most importantly… your tires will wear more evenly and last longer!

Common symptoms of an improper alignment are the vehicle pulling left or right, drifting, off-center steering wheel, and uneven tire wear. These symptoms should be addressed as soon as possible, as they could lead to more serious problems. An alignment is also necessary after many types of repairs, such as kingpins, tie rod ends, and suspension repairs.

At Arrow, we take alignments serious. The alignment process begins by listening to and understanding the customer’s concerns. The vehicle is then road-tested by one of our certified technicians. Then we perform a complete inspection of the front end and drive axles, checking the king pins and other critical components for wear or damage that may interfere with or make an alignment inaccurate. If the vehicle passes the inspection, only then will we perform the alignment.

Arrow uses the latest laser alignment equipment available. Adjustments can be made to the caster, camber, and toe by several methods, from adjusting tie rod ends, shimming the axle, and in more extreme conditions bending the I-beam. The end result? Your truck will drive as straight as an ARROW!

Advantages of an Arrow All-Wheel Alignment

  • Better handling
  • Extended tire life
  • No pulling or drifting
  • Reduce unnecessary front end wear
  • Better fuel economy
  • Centered steering wheel

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